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BMR Calculator
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Basal Metabolic Rate

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BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate The amount of energy your body needs at rest. Think of this as the amount of energy your body needs if all it did was sleep all day. The basal metabolic rate calculator enables you to calculate your BMR.

Dieting The BMR Calculator is a basal metabolic rate calculator. With normal activity your body needs around 20% more energy. For dieting a good rule of thumb is to consume around 25% less energy.

Below are a series of calculators you can use to assist you on your weight loss journey. Apart from the BMR Calculator (basal metabolic rate calculator), the next handiest calculator is the BMI/BMR Calculator. The BMI/BMR calculator provides a good summary of your BMI, BMR, and enery requirements for dieting. The BMI Formula Calculator contains a handy table which shows the BMI ranges and the weight you need to be to be within a specific BMI range.

Please enjoy the BMR Calculator (basal metabolic rate calculator) and other calculators I've produced.


The BMR calculator comes with no warranty expressed or implied. The BMR calculator is only for informational purposes and is not guaranteed to be error free.

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